KOA IKE--a 501 c(3) Foundation

84-255 Makaha Valley Road

Waianae, Hawaii. 96792

The purpose of Koa Ike is:
  • To perpetuate the values, beliefs, history and traditions of the Hawaiian aboriginal heritage;
  • To educate children and adults about Hawaiian aboriginal values, beliefs, history and traditions; and
  • To ensure that Hawaiian children and adults are prepared with western knowledge and skills for the challenges of a global society.
Closing day of the spring equinox over Mauna Lahilah
This purpose will be realized through our Learning Center, Marae Ha‘a Koa, that
  • Develops understandings about Hawaiian aboriginal values, beliefs, history and traditions through intergenerational educational classes.
  • Provides educational classes for basic literacy, life and workforce skills.
  • Provides learning opportunities (conferences, workshops, tours and other events) for children and the community to learn and practice Hawaiian aboriginal values, beliefs, history and traditions.
  • Establishes a historical and cultural museum.
  • Preserves the environment and land as an integral part of Hawaiian aboriginal values, beliefs, history and traditions.
  • Restores and preserves the Hawaiian temples, sacred sites and ancestral burial grounds
  • Researches and preserves Hawaiian genealogical information.
  • Promotes traditional Hawaiian aboriginal learning centers in Hawaii.


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Glen M. Kila, Project/Program Director
Kumu Glen M. Kila is a life-long resident of the Waianae community and a graduate of Waianae High School. He has been in education since graduating from the University of Hawaii, serving as a teacher and administrator. Among the many accolades accredited to Mr. Kila, the most substantial is the conversion of Kamaile public school into a public Charter in 2007. As the Chief Executive and Educational Officer, Kamaile Academy experienced massive change and improvements during his tenure. Mr. Kila retired from the DOE in 2011 and now devotes all of his efforts in community building.
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Christophor E. Oliveira, Ka‘ananiau Project Director and Curriculum Specialist
Christophor E. Oliveira is a life-long resident of the Waianae coast. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2005 as a medic. He has held various management positions since being discharged until returning to his community where he is committed to educating students on the coast. Mr. Oliveira has also participated in numerous community functions and has done cultural consulting with various State, Federal and private agencies. Mr. Oliveira was also chosen by the Kupukaaina families to carry on the traditions of Waianae. 
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Dr. George Williams, Koa Ike Board President
Uncle Keoki is a resident of Makaha and an Emeritus Professor of California State University, and was a Visiting Professor of the University of Hawai'i, Manoa. For the past twenty years he has been advocating for the rights of aboriginal Hawaiians. Mr. Williams has lectured widely on world and indigenous religions; among his published works are a Handbook of Hindu Mythology and book on Shinto.
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Kalaau Kila, Koa Ike Board Vice President
Kalaau Kila is a life-long resident of Waianae. He attended Waianae High School and graduated from the University of Hawai'i, Manoa, with a bachelors in electrical engineering. He is also the owner of Fence Hawaii.
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Kaleo Paik, Koa Ike Board Secretary-Treasurer
Ms. Paik was born in Kona Hema and raised in the ahapuaa of Waipunaula. Ms. Paik’s ohana can trace their genealogy for at least the last 15 generations from Napoopoo to Kealia in Kona Hema where these ancestors down to her father were born and had died within this 10 mile stretch. She attended Konawaena High School and graduated with a Bachelors of Music Degree from University of Hawaii, Manoa. Most of her professional career has been in management both operational and fiscal. She volunteers and is associated with organizations such as Aha Wahine (President), Ala Kahakai Trail Association (Secretary), Hawaii Island Land Trust Oahu Council, Aha Moku Oahu Council, Cultural advisor for the Livable Hawaii Kai Hui, Native Hawaiian Chamber (Past President), to name the most current. Ms. Paik is a strong advocate for the preservation and protection of wahi pana Kona Hema, Hawaii Island as well as Oahu. She continues to contribute her time and expertise to assist in the education of the Hawaiian culture to groups and communities in need of guidance.