A tribute to the disturbed Kupuna, desecrated and removed from their resting place.

Upheaval of earth seen from a distance
Cloud rising from the movement of aina
Clawing and digging, replacing what was
Dissipating the energy into nothingness.

Emptiness moves to replace balance
The void an ever growing beast
Crawling and spreading, moving slowly
Until the past is swept into only memory.

Uncaring hands carry the last semblance of life
From the final resting place first chosen
Beyond thoughtlessness, the deed is unnoticed
The act born of ignorance is paid with tears.

Laying in limbo the kupuna reach out
Not in words do they speak but in thought
They speak in a language only few can understand
The language old as the aina wherein they laid.

The tears do not come, the pain too deep
In solemn silence the kiai stand in vigile
Their hearts slowed to replace anxiety
Their minds cleared to replace emotion.

Action inevitable, though damage done
The love of kupuna and aina above all else
Drives the just into a course hard chosen
The scale heavily weighted in loss.

Prayers as spears thrown into the darkness
Shattering ignorance into enlightenment
These weapons of choice, intentional and sure
Will bring balance once more to this aina.

Kaleo Paik
October 10, 2013