Waianae Moku and Wahipana: The Sacred Land of the Sun (Kane)

…..Historically, the Waianae moku contained vast resources. However, many residents, native and non-native alike, are now living 150% below poverty level. The rural communities of Nanakuli and Waianae are home to the highest percentage of aboriginal Hawaiians in the state at 40.2 percent. These communities are also the most impoverished with over 21.2% of individuals in Nanakuli and 19.8% in Waianae living below poverty level. (Hawaii's average is 12.4%.) Furthermore, there are strong correlations concerning ethnicity and poverty levels. Aboriginal Hawaiians have the lowest income and poorest educational achievement in the state. (These statistics were derived from a comprehensive study administered by Kamehameha Schools entitled “Native Hawaiian Educational Assessment Update 2009: A Supplement to Ka Huaka‘i 2005.”)
…..In recent years, the homeless issues have dramatically increased to the point of mass media attention. The cost of living on the Waianae coast has inflated as numerous families are not able to afford the most basic necessities of food and shelter. The State of Hawaii has not figured out an effective solution to this problem as an increasing number of families are becoming homeless.
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