Koa Ike's Philosophy (a brief summary)

…..Koa Ike's philosophy begins with the value learned on the great open ocean voyages—with Ka‘ananiau, “the rolling beauty of time” (sometimes called its feminine perspective) and “managing the beauty of time” (its masculine perspective). What created harmony (lōkahi) for these heroic journeys also came from the "values of the canoe"—aloha, the ideal of collectivity, brotherhood/sisterhood, love, community (ohana).
…..Ka‘ananiau is the foundation that guides our projects and activities. It is the ancient system of the Waianae Wahipana that governed the management of the community’s natural and shared resources. This system of governance preceded the Ahupua‘a system imposed with the unification of the islands under King Kamehameha the Great.
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…..Other important values include aloha,‘ohana,‘āina, mālama, pono, kuleana, kōkua, mo‘olelo, lōkahi, mahalo and ho‘okupu. For further information about Hawaiian faith and practice see Kanenuiakea.org and Marae Ha‘a Koa.
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Our directors meeting our state senator, Maile Shimabukuro in support of our Waianae community
Our directors are regularly consulted by state, federal and military to learn about the largest original Hawaiian community in the world, Waianae, and Hawaiian values that have been preserved there.